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‘Are You Human Too’ Finale Episodes Recap: Part Two

In the final episode of “Are You Human Too,” beloved characters rushed to do what they can to save their friends and loved ones. Jong Gil (Yu Oh Seong) may have gained the upper hand in his quest to gain control of the PK Group, however, Nam Shin III’s (Seo Kang Joon) ultimate sacrifice helped the human Shin to gain a new chance at life.

“Are You Human Too” Episode 36 (Finale) Recap

Young Hoon (Lee Joon Hyuk) looked at the video playing on Jong Gil’s mobile phone that showed Shin being tortured by the said businessman’s henchmen. Hearing Shin’s screams, Young Hoon furiously slammed his hands on the desk demanding Jong Gil to reveal Shin’s location. Jong Gil just smiled at him and told Young Hoon to relinquish the PK Group stocks if he wants to keep Shin alive. Jong Gil then unveiled a legal document that stipulated Young Hoon’s agreement to transfer the said stocks to him. Adamant to keep Shin safe and alive, Young Hoon had no choice but to sign the legal document.

Are You Human Too

Rushing outside of the chairman’s room to find Shin, Young Hoon is detained by two police officers who ordered him to come with them to the police station regarding Laura’s murder case.  Despite trying to make excuses to reschedule the meeting to another time, the officers forcibly dragged Young Hoon with them. Noticing that Jong Gil has been observing his conversation with the police, Young Hoon warned Ye Na’s father that he will do everything in he can to stop the said businessman.

Jong Gil scoffed at the threat and watched as the two policemen dragged Young Hoon away. He then received a call from Secretary Park where Jong Gil remarked on how a legal document gave him everything that he dreamed of.  Secretary Park then asked about Jong Gil’s plans for Shin since the young man kept fighting them despite his tortured state. Similar to what he did to Shin’s parents, Jong Gil stated that he will go to their location to personally kill Shin.

Nam Shin III and So Bong arrived at the meeting place where he was supposed to meet Shin. Walking towards the church, So Bong suddenly got a call from David and handed the phone to Nam Shin III. However, So Bong became suspicious given the robot’s attempt to hide his conversation with David. Snatching the phone away from Nam Shin III, So Bong listened to David’s explanation that he might have found a way to stop the kill switch countdown but he needs to get the chip from the robot’s nape. Shocked at what she found out, So Bong grabbed Nam Shin III’s wrist to check his watch and saw that he only had four hours left to live.

Are You Human Too

Berating the robot for keeping secrets from her, So Bong told Nam Shin III that they needed to go to David immediately so he could re-program the chip. Nam Shin III still remained firm in his decision to meet Shin so he could tell him Laura’s dying message.

Over at the police station, Young Hoon is sandwiched between two officers who held onto his arms so they could enter the station together. However, Ye Na stopped the officers from bringing Young Hoon inside. It appears that Ye Na managed to escape from his father’s men while they were busy loading her suitcases into the car. Shin’s fiancee revealed that she knew who murdered Laura and played the recording of his father’s conversation with Secretary Park where he proudly admitted to killing the said scientist. After both gave their testimonies, Young Hoon rushed to leave the police station to continue looking for Shin.

Back at the church, Nam Shin III is patiently waiting for the human Shin to arrive. Constantly looking at the timer on the robot’s watch, So Bong tried to convince Nam Shin III that they should go to David’s house. Their conversation was cut short when So Bong received a call from Young Hoon asking to talk to Nam Shin III. Revealing that Jong Gil abducted Shin, he requested the robot to track both through GPS. After activating his internal system, Nam Shin III conveyed the address to Young Hoon and commented that he will also head to the same location.

Hearing of the robot’s plans to save the human Shin, So Bong reminded him about the kill switch timer and that they needed to go to David as soon as possible. Worried that Nam Shin III might run out of time, So Bong tearily requested him not to go while explaining that she cannot live without him.

Are You Human Too

Refusing to grant her request, Nam Shin III highlighted that one of his basic rules was to save humans. Given that he was unable to save his mother, he wanted to try his best to rescue her mother’s human son. So Bong finally relented and decided to accompany Nam Shin III.

In a warehouse near a shipyard, Jong Gil looked over a bloodied Shin who was tied to a chair with a handkerchief across his mouth to keep him from screaming. Stating that family members should stay together, Jong Gil told Shin that he should also join his dead parents.

Meanwhile, So Bong and Nam Shin III arrived at the warehouse where Shin was kept captive. Opening the warehouse doors to find several of Jong Gil’s henchmen keeping watch, the robot strode forward to deflect the said men’s attacks until they lay unconscious on the floor.

Back to Jong Gil, the opportunistic businessman brandished a gun and pointed it at Shin’s head. Uneasy at doing the killing himself, it took Jong Gil several seconds before he started pulling the trigger. Looking down on the floor instead of Shin, he was surprised to find the gun knocked out of his hand by a pipe. It appears that Nam Shin III threw the pipe to stop Jong Gil from killing the human Shin. Grasping the said businessman’s lapels, the said robot threw him to side while So Bong went to Shin to remove his rope bindings and the handkerchief covering his mouth.

Are You Human Too

Tired and aching, the human Shin questioned whether Nam Shin III’s decision to rescue him was because he felt guilty for killing Laura. So Bong corrected him and stated that Nam Shin III had nothing to do with his mother’s demise. The robot then revealed Laura’s dying message that contained her apology to Shin for leaving him all alone again. After rendering the human Shin speechless with Laura’s message, the robot asked So Bong to place one of his battery watches on Shin’s wrist so that he could pretend to be Nam Shin III if needed. So Bong helped Shin to stand up from the chair while reminding Nam Shin III to follow them as soon as he is done with Jong Gil. The two proceeded to find a way out of the shipyard while evading Jong Gil’s henchmen.

Nam Shin III walked over to where Jong Gil was slowly recovering after being thrown against a stack of wooden crates. Mimicking how Jong Gil pointed a gun at Shin, the robot fired several shots at the area closest to Ye Na’s father’s legs. With only one bullet left, Jong Gil highlighted that Nam Shin III will not be able to kill him since it was against the robot’s basic rules. However, Nam Shin III still pointed the gun at Jong Gil to scare him but released the shot several inches above the businessman’s head.

Are You Human Too

Leaving Ye Na’s father behind, the robot Shin walked towards the warehouse doors before he staggered to the side given his rapidly depleting power. An effect of the kill switch timer, Nam Shin III looked at this watch and saw that he had less than 30 minutes to live. Despite his impending shutdown, he used his GPS tracking system to find So Bong’s location to help her out.

So Bong and the human Shin managed to find a way outside of the shipyard. After receiving a call from Young Hoon that he was on his way to the shipyard with the police, So Bong decided to go back inside to look for Nam Shin III. The human Shin tried to stop her but So Bong berated him for thinking only about himself. Revealing that Nam Shin III was on the verge of sacrificing his life since the kill switch got reactivated, So Bong told Shin to stop whining and ran inside to look for her robot boyfriend.

Somewhere in the shipyard, Nam Shin III started to feel the effects of his diminished power supply and even had a difficult time walking. He suddenly found himself facing several of Jong Gil’s men including Secretary Park. Knowing that he cannot fight them off due to his low power supply, the robot tried to run away but Secretary Park noticed him. Thinking that it was the human Shin, Jong Gil’s henchmen started to chase after him.

Are You Human Too

So Bong’s efforts to find Nam Shin III brought her close to the area where Jong Gil’s men previously loitered. She suddenly met David who also went looking for his robot son after finding a way to deactivate the kill switch. Highlighting that Nam Shin III only has ten minutes left, David became worried that they might not find the robot Shin in time.

Nam Shin III continued to run away from Jong Gil’s men but found himself cornered when he boarded a cargo ship docked on the port. Facing the ocean, he looked at his watch and saw that he only had two minutes left. The robot Shin then turned around to find Secretary Park and several of Jong Gil’s men stopping a few feet in front of him. Glancing at his surroundings, Nam Shin III was surprised to find the human Shin inching towards the second floor level of the ship while trying to hide behind a steel structure. It appears that the human Shin also tried to find his robot counterpart after learning of the said robot’s reactivated kill switch.

Subtly warning the Shin to stay hidden after Secretary Park blatantly stated that he will kill him if he was the human Shin, Nam Shin III placed his hands behind his back to remove his watch and threw it in the ocean. Pretending to be the human Shin, he slightly extended his arms to the side while Jong Gil’s men shone a flashlight on his wrists to look for the robot’s telltale watch. After confirming the watch’s absence, Secretary Park pulled a gun from inside his jacket and pointed it at the robot Shin.

Are You Human Too

Jong Gil suddenly arrived and took the gun away from Secretary Park. Unlike Ye Na’s father’s earlier failed attempt to shoot Shin, Jong Gil had no qualms wielding the gun and firing a shot aimed at Shin’s chest. Jerking back from the bullet’s impact, the robot Shin can only look down at this chest. Hearing So Bong’s cry of dismay, he looked towards the side of the boat and saw her running to the dock with David and Young Hoon close behind. Nam Shin III kept on looking at her while Jong Gil continuously fired several shots at his chest until he fell backward into the ocean. The human Shin, So Bong, David and Young Hoon can only look on in disbelief as they witnessed Nam Shin III’s end.

The robot’s power soon ran out as Nam Shin III fell deeper into the ocean. Over at the PK Group’s massive room that housed the robot’s server, all of the green-lighted machines starting shutting down one by one.

One year later, Secretary Park visited Jong Gil in prison and asked about his former boss’ condition. Jong Gil jokingly stated that he became healthier since he started exercising out of boredom. Updating Jong Gil about the latest events at the PK Group, Secretary Park shared that it was Young Hoon’s inaugural day as the company’s chairman.

Are You Human Too

Lamenting how Jong Gil should have been at the company, Secretary Park blamed the robot Shin for Jong Gil’s downfall. Jong Gil also admitted that he thought it was really the human Shin that he was firing at instead of Nam Shin III. He even described the times he spent going head-to-head with the robot as the most thrilling experience of his life. Secretary Park then changed the subject and revealed that Ye Na is staying with her mother in Boston but rarely leaves home. Asking whether he should bring Ye Na to visit her father in prison, Jong Gil declined his former secretary’s offer and just gazed outside the window.

At the PK Group building, Young Hoon is surprised to find Shin visiting him in his office. Berating Shin for only taking time out of his busy travels to see him, Young Hoon invited him to come back to the company. However, Shin told Young Hoon to continue to lead the company since he will only sell PK Group if he becomes the chairman. Shin then inquired about So Bong but Young Hoon admitted his reluctance in asking her whether she recovered from losing Nam Shin III since it might reopen old wounds.

Are You Human Too

At the Champion Gym, So Bong is ushering out her students and walked towards the gym’s boxing ring to play with the small robot that Nam Shin III previously gave her. However, replaying some of Nam Shin III’s earlier recorded messages through the robot toy brought tears to eyes.

She decided to head to the beach to commemorate Nam Shin III’s “death” with the robot toy as her companion. After reminiscing about the times she spent with Nam Shin III and enjoying a quick snack on the beach, she accidentally dropped the small robot on the sand. Worried that she might have broken the toy, she said sorry to the small robot but was taken aback when a voice from behind her called out her name and apologized for being a robot. Turning around, she saw Shin and initially thought that it was Nam Shin III. Shin highlighted her mistake of confusing him with his robot counterpart. Disappointed, she called him a jerk for pretending to be Nam Shin III.

Are You Human Too

Leaving Shin behind and continuing to walk down the beach, Shin tried to follow her while conveying his apologies. So Bong stopped and tearfully called Shin an evil and stupid jerk for playing a prank on her. Whirling around after she heard him asking her if she was very angry with him, she was surprised to discover a different Shin standing on the beach. It was Nam Shin III! He started to approach So Bong and gave her a hug when he noticed her tears.

Confirming that it was indeed him, Nam Shin III stated that it was part of his basic rules to hug her when she cries. Still in disbelief, So Bong grabbed the robot’s wrist to look at his signature battery watch. Smiling gently at her, Nam Shin III nodded while So Bong cupped his cheek lovingly.

Are You Human Too

Standing several feet from So Bong and Nam Shin III’s location, the human Shin, as well as David and Young Hoon, observed the couple’s heartwrenching reunion. David thanked Young Hoon and Shin for helping to find his robot son and providing the resources so he can fix Nam Shin III. Shin admitted that it was the first that he felt happy in using his money and power. David complimented Shin and added that his mother would have been happy that he said that.

Back to the couple, Nam Shin III told So Bong that most of his robot abilities have disappeared. He even joked that he was close to being an average human now. Reassuring him that it was okay, So Bong explained that her feelings for him will never change. Happy over So Bong’s words, Nam Shin III gave her a kiss and hugged her close. It appears that David’s efforts to reprogram him also resulted in some new features such as being able to cry.  A tear fell down Nam Shin III’s cheek as he embraced So Bong in his arms.

Are You Human Too

And… that’s the end of “Are You Human Too.” I’m glad that So Bong and Nam Shin III had their happy ending. I’m also happy that Shin became more humane given his past experiences. He finally became the man that Laura wanted him to be. Sadly, he did not get the chance to fully bond with her due to his earlier feelings of hate and jealousy.

Kudos to the “Are You Human Too” team for giving us viewers an interesting series to fan over. Now, off to watch another K-drama!


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