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‘Are You Human Too’ Finale Episodes Recap: Part One

We finally reached the end of the Seo Kang Joon drama that told the story of a human and his robot counterpart. “Are You Human Too” episodes 35-36 gave viewers the opportunity to see how a mother’s love provided both her son and her robot creation a chance at a new life.

Just a warning – this will be a long post so I’m cutting the recap into two parts. The second half of the “Are You Human Too” finale recap[ will be also be uploaded shortly.

“Are You Human Too” Episode 35 Recap

“Are You Human Too” started with several flashback scenes of Laura’s (Kim Sung Ryeong) final days prior to the warehouse incident. Looking at a tablet device that the human Shin (Seo Kang Joon) previously used to control the robot Shin, Laura was shocked to discover that her son ordered Nam Shin III to strangle the elderly Chairman Nam (Park Young Gyu). Knowing that she had to do something to save both of her sons, she decided to create a chip to help stop the robot Shin’s kill switch. Nearly 85 percent complete with her new creation, Laura suddenly received a call from Ye Na (Park Hwan Hee) about Shin’s plans to utilize the kill switch to destroy Nam Shin III.

Are You Human Too

Left with no choice but to use the new chip despite its still incomplete programming status, she hurriedly went to the warehouse address that Ye Na sent her. After installing the chip on Nam Shin III’s nape, she accompanied her robot son while waiting for the new chip to complete it system reboot. However, the cascading drums above their heads pushed her to forcefully shove Nam Shin III away from her to protect him. Eventually ending up cradled in the robot Shin’s arms, she dreamed of a happy moment preparing a fruit snack for both her sons while Shin and Nam Shin III played chess together. Wondering why she only had the said dream now, Laura said goodbye to her sons and passed away in Nam Shin III’s arms.

Outside the construction warehouse, So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) arrived followed by David (Choi Duk Moon). It appears that Laura each sent them messages to go to the warehouse. So Bong and David became worried after seeing online reports that revealed an arrest order for Nam Shin III over claims that he murdered a human. Both rushed inside the warehouse to see the robot Shin still holding onto Laura’s dead body. Recounting how Laura stopped the kill switch, Nam Shin III worriedly told David that his human mother stopped breathing and blamed himself for letting Laura get hurt.

Suddenly, the sounds of the police car siren approaching the warehouse pushed David to send the robot Shin away. Afraid of what the police might do if they catch his robot son, David ordered So Bong to go into hiding with Nam Shin III until they find a solution to resolve the murder claims. Despite resisting to leave Laura behind, Nam Shin III eventually left with So Bong after David told him to go for his mom’s sake. David then took Nam Shin III’s place, crying over Laura as he cradled her in his arms while the police entered the warehouse.

Are You Human Too

The human Shin arrived at Laura’s home, looking at the food that his mother left for him at the table. He suddenly gets a call from Jong Gil (Yu Oh Seong) asking him if he was okay and if he heard the news about Laura. Jong Gil was just beginning to talk about how the robot lost control when Shin noticed Young Joon (Lee Joon Hyuk) approaching him. Lowering the phone, Shin asked Young Joon if something happened to his mother. Young Joon gently told him that Laura passed away.

Young Joon and the human Shin went to the funeral parlor’s morgue to see Laura’s body. After Shin declared that he was not ready to see his dead mother, Young Joon advised him to take his time and just enter the room once he is able to. Meeting David inside, Young Joon suddenly heard Shin crying outside the door. Shin is stricken with grief after recalling the moments that his mother tried to get to close him. Regretting how he pushed her away, he remembered Laura’s previous invitations to come with her to the Czech Republic so she could care for him.

Are You Human Too

Over at Jong Gil’s house, Ye Na is still locked inside her room when she sees online reports of Laura’s death. Instinctively knowing that her father might be behind the scientist’s demise, she suddenly gets a call from Jong Gil to meet with him in the living room. After showing Ye Na airline tickets, Jong Gil ordered his daughter to take a long vacation to avoid becoming stressed over her forced estrangement from Shin.

Refusing to go, she mentioned having read about Laura’s death online and questioned Jong Gil whether a robot can really kill a person. Jong Gil fires back at Ye Na asking if she thought that he killed Shin’s mother. After Ye Na said no, Jong Gil told her to leave the following day and come back after she has moved on from Shin. Backed into a corner, she agreed to follow her father’s plan and remarked that she should start packing her clothes.

Are You Human Too

After walking several steps away from Jong Gil, she pretended to fall while shoving her phone under the couch. Her father worriedly went to her side to help her up while Ye Na assured him that she only felt dizzy for a moment.

In what appears to be a cabin located in a rural area, So Bong is standing on a deck while in a call with her father Jae Sik (Kim Won Hae). Updating him of her whereabouts, So Bong felt thankful that father still supported Nam Shin III. So Bong’s father reminded her that hiding will not be enough and that she should start thinking of the next steps to address the problem.

After the call, she went inside the cabin to find a dejected looking Nam Shin III who revealed that he kept on seeing Laura dying inside his head. Telling the robot to stop replaying Laura’s final moments, So Bong reminded Nam Shin III that it was not his fault that his mother died and that Laura would be sad if she knew that her robot son blamed himself.  Comforted by So Bong’s words, Nam Shin III started to feel a little better and even went outside the cabin to look the scenery with So Bong hugging him from behind.

Are You Human Too

Back in Jong Gil’s living room, a private celebration is happening between the said businessman and his secretary. Toasting over the success of their plans, Secretary Park (Jo Jae Ryong) applauded Jong Gil for getting rid of Nam Shin III. Jong Gil proudly commented on how he killed Laura and pretended to not know anything about the situation. Left with only Young Hoon to deal with, Jong Gil further revealed his plans to abduct the human Shin to force Young Hoon to hand over control of the PK Group to him. The two even began to refer to each other with their expected new positions, with Jong Gil as the company’s chairman and Secretary Park as a chief director. Unbeknownst to the two, Ye Na’s mobile phone captured their conversation after she previously hid it under the couch with the phone’s recording mode on.

The following day, Nam Shin III is outside the cabin and holding onto So Bong’s phone after sending a message to the human Shin so they could meet. Turning his wrist to look at his battery watch, he looked at the timer that indicated an ongoing countdown. It appears that the new chip that Laura installed only managed to temporarily halt the kill switch’s shutdown procedure. The said device reactivated itself but instead of an immediate shutdown, it went into countdown mode that left Nam Shin III with less than 15 hours to live.

So Bong’s phone suddenly rang and Nam Shin III looked at the screen to see a message from the human Shin. Scanning the details of the location where he could meet Shin, the phone began to ring again with David on the line. Picking up the call, Nam Shin III revealed that it was him after David called out So Bong’s name. After asking if Nam Shin III felt okay since the kill switch’s shutdown process was aborted, David began to suspect that something might be wrong given his robot son’s silence. Nam Shin III then revealed the existence of the countdown and that he only had 11 hours to live.

Are You Human Too

David told the robot Shin to go to his house so that they could look for a solution together. However, Nam Shin III mentioned the importance of seeing the human Shin first before coming to the lab. The said robot put down the phone after So Bong emerged from the cabin to ask about the call. He explained that he set a meeting with the human Shin so he can relay Laura’s dying message. So Bong decided to accompany Nam Shin III after failing to change his mind.

Ye Na finally retrieved her phone and locked herself in the bathroom to listen to the recording. Shocked to learn that her father was indeed behind Laura’s death, she called Young Hoon to warn him about Jong Gil’s plans to abduct Shin. Frantically trying to call Shin, both Young Hoon and Ye Na became worried when he failed to pick up their calls. It appears that Jong Gil’s men already kidnapped Shin who was on his way to meet his robot counterpart.

At the PK Group office, Jong Gil met Young Hoon at the chairman’s room. Young Hoon accused him of killing Laura and demanded to know Shin’s whereabouts. Declining to answer the question, Jong Gil instead pulled out his mobile phone and revealed a video clip that showed Shin tied to a chair while Jong Gil’s men hit him several times with a long wooden stick.

Are You Human Too

That ends the recap for “Are You Human Too” episode 35. Stay tuned for the drama’s episode 36 recap which will be up soon!


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