K-Drama Recap: ’30 But 17′ Episodes 9-10

Several scenes in “30 But 17” episodes 9-10 showed Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) starting to warm up to Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun), but recent events pushed him to reconsider their burgeoning friendship. Moreover,  the said episodes also hinted of a potential love triangle between Chan (Ahn Hyo Seop), Woo Jin and Seo Ri.

“30 But 17” Episodes 9-10 Recap

The recent episodes of “30 but 17,”  also known as “Still 17,” was another funny addition to the SBS romantic comedy series. Aired on August 6, the episode featured Seo Ri trying hard to earn money to cover the repair costs for her violin. She decided to accept a “take-home” job from a Chinese restaurant that tasked her to peel several bags of white onion. Woo Jin, Chan and Jennifer (Ye Ji Won) were even taken by surprise when they heard Seo Ri crying late at night. Teary-eyed from peeling the onions, Seo Ri can only stagger outside her room while the trio looked at her in disbelief.

Seo Ri ended up slumped on a couch with a cold pack placed over her face. After apologizing for waking them up and explaining her predicament, Seo Ri heeded Woo Jin’s advice and went outside the house to let the night air cool down her burning eyes. After some time, Chan followed Seo Ri to check on her. Turning to the sporting athlete, Seo Ri asked Chan to see whether the condition of her eyes has already improved. With Seo Ri’s face close to his own, Chan managed to declare that her eyes were indeed better before he noticed the young woman’s proximity to him. Looking at her eyes and her lips, he warily leaned back and tried to make fun of the situation.

30 But 17

“30 But 17” episodes 9-10 also gave viewers several hilarious scenes that showed Woo Jin’s growing concern over Seo Ri’s well-being. Attending a meeting with a client at a coffee shop, Woo Jin noticed Seo Ri with make-up on her face as she walked towards a bar across the street. Recalling Seo Ri’s plan to find a job that would give her loads of money, he became worried that the naive young woman might become a bar hostess at the said club.

After rushing to finish his meeting, he entered the still closed bar to find two big bouncers enjoying their break. Despite calling out Seo Ri’s name several times and trying to evade the bouncers, the two burly men managed to get a hold of Woo Jin and dragged him outside the club. Still screaming Seo Ri’s name, he was surprised to find her emerging from an entrance located at the side of the club’s front doors.

30 But 17

Carrying a huge red bag on her back, Seo Ri was shocked to discover Woo Jin being manhandled by the two men. Assuming that he somehow found himself in trouble again given his tendency to measure things regardless of the people around him, she apologized to the two men and explained how Woo Jin has been suffering from an occupational disease. The two bouncers eventually let them go and returned inside the club.

Woo Jin then confronted Seo Ri and asked her what she was doing there. Despite explaining that she went to get her new “take-home” work assignment at the sock factory located near the nightclub, Woo Jin still didn’t trust Seo Ri and questioned her about her fully made-up face. Exclaiming that she availed of a free do-it-yourself “fruity makeup” at a beauty shop after completing her peeled onion delivery, she described the said experience as her first time to put on makeup.

30 But 17

The two proceeded to bicker back-and-forth about Woo Jin’s occupational disease. Seo Ri suddenly realized that Woo Jin might have entered the nightclub and frantically calling out her name since he was worried about her. Despite Woo Jin’s attempts to dissuade Seo Ri, she remained firm in her belief that he is indeed a good person who has been trying to distance himself from other people.

Over at school, Chan and his two friends are busy with rowing practice when Woo Jin’s nephew suddenly dropped one of the oars after feeling an itchy sensation on his chest.  Dumbfounded at the potential cause of the itch, Chan declined his friend Hae Beom’s (Lee Do Hyun) offer to put a healing salve on it.

Chan’s avid admirer Ri An (Jo Yoo Jung)  also became Seo Ri’s fashion benefactor in “30 But 17” episodes 9-10. After jealously observing Chan’s attentiveness to Seo Ri’s needs where he was even willing to lend her his clothes, Ri An raided her sister’s closet and gave several bags of assorted clothing items to Seo Ri.

Seo Ri also nearly reunited with her former classmate Hyung Tae (Yoon Sun Woo) in “30 But 17” episodes 9-10. Temporarily taking on Jennifer’s weekend job after the housekeeper injured her back during a Taekwondo practice, Seo Ri went to the said doctor’s apartment to complete Jennifer’s usual chores. Noticing a plaque that contained Hyung Tae’s name, Seo Ri highlighted how the apartment’s owner had the same name as her former classmate. The two even narrowly missed meeting each other after Seo Ri went back to the apartment to get the envelope containing Jennifer’s pay. With Hyung Tae collapsing on the bed after arriving home, he failed to notice Seo Ri who entered his apartment to retrieve the money envelope from the cabinet near the front door.

30 But 17

Walking home at night after completing Jennifer’s cleaning job, Seo Ri stopped in the middle of a pedestrian overpass to look at the moon. Woo Jin, who was dropped off near the same overpass by his officemates, noticed Seo Ri and nearly called out her name. However, he started having flashbacks of the bus accident that happened 13 years ago after he saw Seo Ri making a rabbit head figure with her fingers while gazing up at the moon.

Returning to the office, Woo Jin started remembering the events of the past. Recalling the time that he visited the funeral home after the young girl whom he believed was his first love perished in the bus accident, he became despondent in knowing that would need to suffer through the painful memories again.

30 But 17

Seo Ri, on the other hand, has been eagerly waiting for Woo Jin to return home. After discovering the small note that Woo Jin attached to her toilet plunger gift to open the ceiling window, she wanted to personally extend her thanks to him for treasuring the said item. It appears that Woo Jin added the “for window only” note following an earlier incident where Jennifer almost used the said plunger to clean the toilet.

Chan also came to the realization that he might have started to fall for Seo Ri. After constantly experiencing the itching feeling on his chest and noticing his weirdly exuberant attitude, he finally understood that his “itchy” chest was a sign that his heart started to feel love for someone.

Meanwhile, the flashback incident pushed Woo Jin to evade Seo Ri again in “30 But 17” episodes 9-10. Fearing that she might be the trigger to his flashbacks, he consulted his sister’s psychiatrist colleague. Having handled Woo Jin’s case in the past, the said doctor advised the distraught stage designer get to know Seo Ri better. Helping to distinguish Seo Ri’s personal interests from the interests of the young girl who died in the accident, the doctor explained that it might help to calm Woo Jin’s worries about Seo Ri’s presence in his life.

30 But 17

However, fate decided to mess with Woo Jin’s plans. After steeling himself to withstand the agreed one-month period that Seo Ri will stay at the house, Woo Jin was shocked to learn that his new officemate was no other than the said young woman. It appears that Woo Jin’s boss Hee Soo (Jung Yoo Jin) offered Seo Ri a temporary job after receiving a call from the violinist and music director Tae Rin (Wang Ji Won).

Seo Ri’s earlier phone conversation with Tae Rin, as featured in a previous “30 But 17” episode, accidentally helped the said famous violinist to iron out her ideas for the upcoming music festival. After Hee Soo pieced together how Seo Ri must have taken Tae Rin’s call while visiting the office, she decided to contact Chan so she can talk with Seo Ri about joining them for the special project.

30 But 17

At this time, it is still unclear if Woo Jin will follow his doctor’s advice about getting to know Seo Ri. Scared of what could happen if he grows close to Seo Ri, he cannot help but feel frightened at the possibility of the past repeating itself with someone he loves ending up badly hurt or dead.

“30 But 17” airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.


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