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‘Are You Human Too’ Episodes 33-34 Recap, Finale Spoilers

A highly intelligent robot might have to say goodbye to his human friends and loved ones in the upcoming “Are You Human Too” finale episodes. Latest spoiler news hint of Nam Shin III’s (Seo Kang Joon) potential destruction after the robot’s kill switch fell into enemy hands.

“Are You Human Too” Episodes 33-34 Quick Recap

The penultimate episodes of “Are You Human Too” was a rollercoaster ride given the shocking plot twists that were revealed in episodes 33-34. Released on August 6, the said episodes tackled the human Shin’s fall from grace after Young Hoon (Lee Joon Hyuk) unveiled Nam Shin III’s existence. Furious with his secretary’s betrayal, Shin punched Young Hoon for opting to support his robot counterpart instead of him. However, it was the only way that Young Hoon knew to stop Shin’s revenge plans.

Are You Human Too

Despite failing to gain control of the company, Shin remained adamant in his quest to destroy his robot counterpart. Moreover, Laura’s (Kim Sung Ryoung) attempt to convince her son to come with her to the Czech Republic was met with disapproval. Shin even ripped apart the travel tickets that his mother presented to him.

Nam Shin III also became popular after his shocking appearance at the PK Group shareholders meeting. Reporters and curious locals started following his movements, with several people declaring how they also wanted to get a robot similar to Nam Shin III.

Laura also had a heart-to-heart talk with Nam Shin III in “Are You Human Too” episodes 33-34. After the said robot apologized to his creator for participating in Young Hoon’s plans, Laura came clean about the kill switch that can deactivate Nam Shin III forever. Upon knowing that said switch was in David’s (Choi Duk Moon) possession, Nam Shin III and So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) retrieved the device and hid it inside Champion Gym.

However, the human Shin discovered the existence of the kill switch after he visited his mentally ill grandfather. In the middle of a dementia attack, Chairman Nam (Park Young Gyu) accidentally revealed how the said device can destroy the robot Shin. The human Shin then recalled a previous encounter where he saw David taking a gray box outside of a server room. Moments before contacting David in “Are You Human Too” episodes 33-34, Shin saw a social media post that showed the robot Shin carrying the kill switch box while walking towards So Bong’s dad’s gym.

Are You Human Too

With So Bong busy preparing a birthday party to celebrate the day that the robot Shin was made, the human Shin sneaked into Champion Gym to steal the kill switch box. Ye Na stayed outside to keep watch but soon found herself being abducted by her father’s men who brought her over to Jong Gil’s (Yu Oh Seong) house. Trapped inside her room, Ye Na contacted Laura to warn her about Shin’s actions in “Are You Human Too” episodes 33-34. Unbeknownst to Shin’s fiancee, Jong Gil placed a listening device inside her room so they could find out what Shin has been up to.

In the latter part of “Are You Human Too” episodes 33-34, Shin threatened Nam Shin III with the kill switch and told him to proceed to a warehouse. Resigned with his fate, the robot asked if he could be given a few minutes to say goodbye to his friends.

After observing So Bong who was busy decorating a small venue for his birthday, he decided to leave without saying anything to his friends. However, So Bong caught up with him just as he was about to get inside a taxi. Making excuses to see his human mother, So Bong gently told him to come back to her. Knowing that it will be the last time that he will see her, he gave So Bong a sweet kiss  and told her “I love you.”

Are You Human Too

The human Shin had the kill switch box open when Nam Shin III arrived at the warehouse. Laura suddenly appeared to stop her son from destroying the robot Shin in “Are You Human Too” episodes 33-34. However, her pleas fell on deaf ears with the human Shin pushing the red button to deactivate the Shin forever and leaving his mother with her creation. With the robot’s system nearly completing its shutdown procedure, Laura installed a chip on Nam Shin III’s nape to negate the process.

Nam Shin III soon opened his eyes but found that his robot body became immobilized. Laura assured him that his internal system will soon return to normal and that she will stay with him until the process is completed. However, the sounds of drums cascading down the warehouse’s second-floor ledge took the two by surprise. With the drums headed straight down to where they were, Laura decided to push her still recovering robot son to the side to keep him safe. Regaining control of his body, Nam Shin III rushed to Laura’s side and held her in his arms until she died.

Are You Human Too

Meanwhile, Jong Gil observed the heartbreaking scene from the upper level of the warehouse. It appears that the opportunistic businessman followed Laura after he overheard Ye Na’s phone conversation with the said scientist. He was also the one who activated the switch that released the drums that killed Laura. Intending to frame Nam Shin III with Laura’s death, he called the police to report that a robot killed a human.

Are You Human Too

“Are You Human Too” Finale Spoilers

The upcoming two-part finale of “Are You Human Too” will feature Jong Gil gaining the upper hand over Young Hoon and Nam Shin III. Abducting the human Shin and taking the robot Shin’s kill switch box, Ye Na’s father will use both to force Young Hoon to transfer control of the PK Group to him.

News of Laura’s death and Nam Shin III’s alleged involvement will shock everyone. Ye Na, who is still kept prisoner inside her room, will begin to suspect that her father might have had a hand in the said scientist’s demise. Jong Gil’s efforts to convince Ye Na to leave Seoul for a vacation will further cement her suspicions that her father might be doing something evil again.

Given Jong Gil’s threats, Young Hoon will try his best to locate the human Shin and find a way to stop Ye Na’s father. The robot Shin will also feel devastated over Laura’s demise and will keep replaying her dying moments in his head. Nam Shin III is also faced with his imminent destruction following a threat that gave him less than 15 hours before the kill switch will be activated again.

“Are You Human Too” will air its final two episodes on August 7 on KBS.



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