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’30 But 17′ Episodes 9-10 Spoilers: Seo Ri’s ‘Rabbit Sign’ Stuns Woo Jin

An innocent hand gesture might pave the way for a beloved character to potentially reunite with an old love. In the upcoming “30 But 17” episodes 9-10, Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) will become intrigued by Seo Ri’s (Shin Hye Sun) past after witnessing a scene that reminded him of his first love.

In “30 But 17” episodes 7-8, Woo Jin was reminded of the tragic accident that happened during his teenage years. Following close behind Seo Ri as she dashed across a busy intersection to run after her uncle, Woo Jin attempted to stop her by tightly holding onto her wrist while begging her not to move. Despite wanting to prevent a potential traffic accident, Seo Ri became furious at Woo Jin and blamed him for preventing her from catching up to her relative.

Woo Jin was suddenly remembered his past where he became the reason why his first love was involved in a bus accident. Deciding to avoid Seo Ri and return to his reclusive-like life, Woo Jin left home to move into his studio. Despite Yoo Chan’s (Ahn Hyo Seop) attempts to convince his uncle to come back, Woo Jin remained firm in his decision to stay away in “30 But 17” episodes 7-8. He even left his pet dog Deok Koo at home.

Meanwhile, Seo Ri came up with homemade posters that included a note for her uncle to see her at their old house. Posting the one-pager fliers on some of the walls around the neighborhood, she also tried to stay near the area where she last saw her uncle. However, chasing after a man who only resembled her uncle made Seo Ri realize that she said some harsh things to Woo Jin in “30 But 17” episodes 7-8. Seo Ri decided to apologize to Woo Jin and ask him to come back home.

Gladly accepting an errand from Jennifer (Ye Ji Won) to deliver home-made dishes to Woo Jin’s office, Seo Ri took advantage of the opportunity to say sorry. Given  Woo Jin’s busy schedule and reluctance to come home, the said stage designer brushed off Seo Ri’s apology. Adamant to convey her message and convince Woo Jin to return to the house, Seo Ri resorted to stalking him as went to a coffee shop for a meeting. She even prevented Woo Jin from being labeled a pervert when his occupational affliction of measuring things became an uncomfortable situation for a young lady and her date.

Despite Seo Ri’s good intentions, Woo Jin lashed out at her for trying to help. The two characters’ soon started arguing with each other with Seo Ri calling out Woo Jin for his rude behavior. The argument made Woo Jin realize that he may be wrong and how his strange attitude might have led him to miss important details about his work and personal life. He eventually decided to move back into the house after his tense confrontation with Seo Ri, coupled with the numerous calls from his nephew Yoo Chan.

Woo Jin and Seo Ri even started to become friends following a strange “welcome home” gift that allowed him to better appreciate the simple joys of life. In “30 But 17” episodes 7-8, Seo Ri gave Woo Jin a toilet plunger that he can use to open the skylight window in his room. Given the said window’s broken handle, Seo Ri revealed how she previously used the plunger to slide the window open so that she can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the house.

It appears that Woo Jin is starting to warm up to Seo Ri and her childlike ways. The teaser clip for the upcoming “30 But 17” episodes 9-10 featured several scenes of Woo Jin smiling at Seo Ri’s antics. Meanwhile, Seo Ri will continue her job search and will land a job as an on-call house helper. A house cleaning assignment might even pave the way for her to meet a former classmate Hyeong Tae (Yoon Sun Woo).

The upcoming “30 But 17” episodes will also lead Woo Jin to potentially discover that his long-time crush, whom he thought perished in the bus accident, might actually be Seo Ri. Featured in the drama’s latest teaser clip, Woo Jin witnessed Seo Ri making her signature “rabbit sign” as she gazed up at the moon.

“30 But 17” episodes 9-10 will be released back-to-back on August 6. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.


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