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‘Are You Human Too’ Episodes 31-32 Spoilers: Human Shin Pressures Laura to Destroy Robot Shin

Beloved characters will find themselves needing to choose sides in a power struggle between family members. In the upcoming “Are You Human Too” episodes 31-32, the human Nam Shin (Seo Kang Joon) will be one step closer to completing his revenge plan against his grandfather Chairman Nam (Park Young Gyu) and his robot counterpart Nam Shin III.

“Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30 featured several tense-filled moments that nearly cost So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) her life. After the human Shin finally got his hands on the manual switch that allowed him to control Nam Shin III, he forced Young Hoon (Lee Joon Hyuk) to join him in his plan to use the said robot to fool his grandfather. With Shin guilt tripping Young Hoon over allegedly changing sides to support his robot counterpart, the said secretary gave in to Shin’s demands with the condition that no one will be harmed with his or Nam Shin III’s controlled actions.

However, Shin broke his promise when he became irritated after overhearing So Bong’s statement where she chose Nam Shin III as a better person rather than him. Taking over the robot’s system, the human Shin had Nam Shin III choke So Bong while inside the elevator. Intending to scare the said bodyguard, Shin eventually stopped the robot’s actions in “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30.

When Young Hoon learned of the incident, he confronted Shin about his behavior. Despite the latter making excuses about the robot’s system encountering an error that made it react violently to So Bong, Young Hoon warned Shin to stop with his petty actions. Refusing to heed his secretary and long-time friend’s advice, Shin continued to use Nam Shin III and even had the robot place Chairman Nam in a chokehold that endangered the elderly businessman’s life.

Fortunately, So Bong came at the right moment to stop Nam Shin III from killing Chairman Nam in “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30. However, the human Shin ordered his robot to attack her with a one-handed hold that strangled So Bong’s neck. Crying and gasping for breath while pleading with Nam Shin III to snap out of the human Shin’s deadly command, the robot eventually regained control of his internal system as he remembered his first rule to hug a person who is crying.

In the upcoming “Are You Human Too” episodes 31-32, So Bong will try to protect Nam Shin III from becoming used by the human Shin. Hiding in So Bong dad’s Champion Gym, the said bodyguard will dissuade Nam Shin III from thinking that he is a bad robot given his recent actions that harmed two individuals.

Meanwhile, Chairman Nam will become hospitalized following Nam Shin III’s attack. The human Shin will even use his grandfather’s sickness to wrest control of the company. Despite gaining more power, the human Shin will continue to feel pressured by the threat of his robot counterpart’s existence in “Are You Human Too” episodes 31-32. Turning to his mother Laura (Kim Sung Ryoung), the manipulative Shin will pressure her to destroy her robot creation as proof of her motherly love for him.

“Are You Human Too” episodes 31-32 will be released back-to-back on August 1. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.


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