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’30 But 17′ Episodes 7-8 Spoilers: Woo Jin Fails to Hide Traumatic Secret

A young woman’s attempt to rebuild her life will open up painful memories of a horrific accident that changed the lives of many people. In the upcoming “30 But 17” episodes 7-8, Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) will discover that trying to distance himself away from Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) might be a futile endeavor.

The recent episodes of “30 But 17,” also known as “Still 17,” featured Seo Ri’s quest to find a job so that she can have her old violin repaired. A precious keepsake from her deceased mother, Seo Ri was shocked to learn that she would need a huge amount of money to return the said musical instrument to its pristine condition. Despite her eagerness to start working as a violin instructor or even as a coffee shop employee, Seo Ri became discouraged when companies turned her away due to her inexperience and age.

Woo Jin also became entangled in one of Seo Ri’s potential employment opportunities. Aired on July 30, “30 But 17” episodes 5-6 showed the reclusive stage designer receiving a call from the music school that initially hired Seo Ri. Given the complaints lodged by the young students’ parents over Seo Ri’s lack of teaching experience, the school decided to cancel her employment several hours before she was set to report for work. After failing to successfully relay the message to Seo Ri, Woo Jin rushed to stop her from reaching the school.

Apart from Seo Ri’s failed job hunting activities, “30 But 17” episodes 5-6 also revealed Woo Jin’s trauma from having witnessed a traffic accident that happened 13 years ago. With Seo Ri suddenly dashing out of the car after seeing her uncle walking across the street, Woo Jin became alarmed when she tried to run across a busy intersection. Narrowly avoiding being hit by a car, a frantic Seo Ri was surprised to find a scared Woo Jin tightly holding onto her wrist to stop her from moving forward.

It appears that Woo Jin had a flashback of the bus accident that claimed the life of the young girl that he believed to be his first love. Unbeknownst to the said stage designer, his teenage crush is, in fact, Seo Ri who became a comatose patient after the said incident.

In the upcoming “30 But 17” episodes 7-8, Woo Jin will try to avoid Seo Ri after having accidentally revealed his weakness to her. Seo Ri will become uncomfortable in knowing that she was the cause of Woo Jin’s odd behavior at home. Yoo Chan’s (Ahn Hyo Seop) attempts to cheer his uncle up, as well as bring the three of them together, will also become futile given Woo Jin’s decision to stay inside his room or move to his studio to work on his stage design assignments.

Despite Woo Jin’s efforts to keep his distance, unexpected scenarios will force him and Seo Ri to spend time together. However, the awkward situation will eventually push Seo Ri to consider leaving Woo Jin’s house in the upcoming “30 But 17” episodes.

“30 But 17” episodes 7-8 will be released back-to-back on July 31. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.


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