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‘Your House Helper’ Episodes 17-18 Spoilers: Da Young Jealous Over Sang A & Ji Woon’s Bond

The bond between two friends will soon be tested as jealousy rears its ugly head. Da Young (Bona) will become more frustrated over Sang A (Go Won Hee) and Ji Woon’s (Ha Seok Jin) growing closeness in the upcoming “Your House Helper” episodes 17-18.

Da Young and Sang A may have recently rekindled their friendship after being estranged from one another following a misunderstanding that happened during their teens. The two former schoolmates became close once again when Sang A moved into Da Young’s house as one of the latter’s borders. However, the two friends’ relationship might soon change. The recent episodes of “Your House Helper” showed Da Young’s growing discomfort over Sang A’s closeness with Ji Woon.

Aired on July 26, “Your House Helper” episodes 15-16 featured scenes that showed Da Young’s slowly growing resentment over the situation. With Ji Woon helping Sang A out in completing her jewelry order, as well as Sang A’s blatant use of the said house helper’s first name, Da Young cannot help but feel jealous over the duo’s close relationship.

In the upcoming “Your House Helper” episodes 17-18, Da Young will continue to feel wary over Ji Woon’s willingness to help Sang A. Given how the said jewelry designer became involved in an embezzlement case after her former colleague President Cheon named her as the director of a now-defunct company,  Ji Woon agreed to accompany Sang A in her search for the said company president.

Da Young will also continue to compare her relationship with Ji Woon to that of Sang A’s apparent close bond with the said house helper. The teaser clip for “Your House Helper” episodes 17-18 showed Da Young worrying over Ji Woon’s decision to join Sang A on a trip to Sokcho to look for President Cheon.  Sang A also appeared surprised that Ji Woon came to the bus station to accompany her during her trip.

Meanwhile, Da Young will fall prey to the sexual advances of an important client’s representative. Having accidentally seen the birth control pills that Da Young takes to cure her ovulation cycle pains, Silverlight Electronic’s Mr. Jo will assume that the said Pam Ad Agency intern is a promiscuous girl. The said businessman will attempt to seduce Da Young in the upcoming “Your House Helper” episodes 17-18.

Uncomfortable with Mr. Jo’s sexual advances, Da Young will try to get away. However, it is unclear if he will try to force himself on the young intern. It also appears that Da Young will manage to call Ji Woon to ask for his help.

“Your House Helper” episodes 17-18 will be released on August 1.  The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.


2 Replies to “‘Your House Helper’ Episodes 17-18 Spoilers: Da Young Jealous Over Sang A & Ji Woon’s Bond”

  1. Y need her to b jealous when they have nothing at all. Lol now she will again have MU with her friend because a man who r not even love her. I dont like Da Young feel like this.
    Lol after all spoiler said mr kim will end up with Sang A. Dont knw but i hope not. Because I still like mr kim with Da Young. 😁

    1. I hope so too! I want Da Young to end up with Mr. Kim. But he seems to be spending more time with Sang A recently. We do have hope though… Mr. Kim appears to be more caring and attentive to Da Young’s needs. He knows she can be a troublemaker given her clumsy ways so he always tries to look out for her and her interests. I do think he already started feeling something for Da Young so let’s cross our fingers that they’ll become more than friends soon!

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