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‘Witch’s Love’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Sung Tae Confronts Cho Hong About Witchy Secret

A drunken confession that revealed the existence of witches might further complicate a young witch’s situation. The upcoming ‘Witch’s Love’ episode 3 will feature a tense confrontation between Sung Tae (Hyun Woo) and Cho Hong (Yoon So Hee).

MBN recently released its new Wednesday-Thursday primetime evening drama that tells the story of three witches trying to survive in modern-day South Korea. Titled “Witch’s Love,” the drama featured several wacky and mysterious characters from a gold-digger male bank employee, an opportunistic restaurant owner and more.

In the first two episodes of “Witch’s Love,” viewers witnessed Sung Tae’s relentless attempts in uncovering the truth behind a scary and mysterious event that happened during his childhood. Set in the belief that something sinister and strange happened at an old house situated somewhere within the city’s busy neighborhoods, the young businessman eventually discovered that the said house became the location of a famous Korean soup restaurant operated by three mysterious women.

A traffic incident also led Sung Tae to meet Cho Hong, one of the women running the said restaurant. Given Cho Hong’s secret identity as one of the three witches living above the soup restaurant, viewers witnessed some of the powers that the young witch wielded including the magic that she and her two elderly witch companions would perform while making their famous dish.  Moreover, “Witch’s Love” episode 2 even showed how an emotional encounter can result in an earthquake-like magical incident.

Aired on July 26, “Witch’s Love” episode 2 also featured Cho Hong’s painful first love experience with her human boyfriend. After discovering how the said male bank employee betrayed her by going after a wealthier woman following the three witches’ money problems, Cho Hong went on a drunken spree at a convenience store. Sung Tae even ended up as the young witch’s unwilling confidant after the said businessman witnessed Cho Hong’s teary trek towards the 24-hour store.

Disgusted at humans and their sly ways,  Cho Hong drunkenly told Sung Tae that she is a witch.  Despite disbelieving Cho Hong’s statement, it appears that Sung Tae might soon use her statement to his advantage. The teaser clip for “Witch’s Love” episode 3 showed Sung Tae highlighting Cho Hong’s secret identity after the young witch found herself waking up inside the said businessman’s room.

Plot speculations indicate that Sung Tae might blackmail Cho Hong into entering a special agreement in return for keeping her witch identity a secret. In the upcoming “Witch’s Love” episode 3, viewers might see Sung Tae moving to the old house where Cho Hong and her two elderly witch companions live in.

However, it is still unclear if Sung Tae will change the rental conditions that he initially specified that resulted in the three witches’ planning to change their restaurant’s business hours. The supernatural trio even had to scramble trying to look for a bank or a loan shark that will lend them a huge amount of money so they could keep their home and soup restaurant location.

“Witch’s Love” episode 3 will be released on August 1. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBN.


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