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‘Are You Human Too’ Episodes 29-30 Spoilers: Robot Shin Loses Control, Human Shin Discovers Manual Switch

Relationships and well-laid plans will soon spiral out of control as an angry young man finds a way to gain control of his robot counterpart. The upcoming “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30 will feature the human Nam Shin (Seo Kang Joon) playing dual roles as himself and as the robot Nam Shin III to wreak his revenge on his grandfather and enemies.

“Are You Human Too” episode 28 ended in a cliffhanger that showed Nam Shin III “sleeping” inside the car while the human Shin took his place as So Bong’s (Gong Seung Yeon) date. It appears that the human Shin found a way to remove his robot counterpart’s battery wrist unit in a ploy to test whether So Bong can really distinguish him from Nam Shin III. Shocked at the young chaebol’s actions, the said bodyguard can only stare at the human Shin in disbelief.

Apart from deactivating Nam Shin III, the human Shin also discovered that his grandfather knows about the existence of his robot counterpart. Feeling betrayed with Chairman Nam’s (Park Yeong Gyu) involvement in the said robot project, the human Shin will begin to deploy a plan to fool the elderly businessman while uncovering all his secrets and future plans in the upcoming “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30.

Given the said chairman’s recent dementia diagnosis, it appears that Shin might also discover his grandfather’s secret illness. A scene in the teaser clip for “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30 showed Shin slowly approaching his grandfather who appears to be having a dementia attack inside his room. The human Shin might even use Chairman Nam’s dementia to learn the truth behind his father’s demise. Ruled out as a suicide, Shin managed to find a clue that hinted of his grandfather and Mr. Seo’s (Yu Oh Seong) involvement in the said incident.

Meanwhile, So Bong will find herself a victim of Nam Shin III’s super strength with the said robot nearly choking her to death inside the elevator. With the human Shin getting his hands on the manual override switch to control his robot counterpart, Nam Shin III will begin to lash out and display violent tendencies to those that oppose him. However, it is still unclear if the said robot’s internal system that previously identified So Bong as a priority will kick in to prevent him and the human Shin from harming the said bodyguard in the upcoming “Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30.

“Are You Human Too” episodes 29-30 will be released back-to-back on July 30 on KBS. The drama is set to end it’s 36-episode run on August 7.


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