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New K-Drama ’30 But 17′ Delights With Hilarious Plot & Wacky Characters

A new K-drama recently joined the list of primetime evening series being shown every Monday and Tuesday. Titled “30 But 17,” the new SBS series’ premiere episode has already captured the interest of viewers.

“30 But 17,” also known as “Still 17,” is off to a great start with its interesting plotline, wacky characters and funny scenes that made Monday SBS K-drama viewing a delightful experience for fans. With “My Golden Life” actress Shin Hye Sun and “Temperature of Love” actor Yang Se Jong leading the drama’s talented cast, viewers can look forward to seeing hilarious interactions between the two South Korean celebrities as they portray their respective characters.

With Shin Hye Sun portraying the role of a young woman named Woo Seo Ri who is struggling to come to terms with her new life after waking up from a 13-year long coma, the actress wowed the viewers with her acting in “30 But 17.” Yang Se Jong also successfully exemplified his role as the stage designer Gong Woo Jin who would rather spend his days alone in a remote cabin than interact with his family and the rest of the world.

Released on July 23,  “30 But 17” also had a successful premiere with viewership shares at an impressive level.  The SBS drama’s first two episodes registered average nationwide ratings of 5.7 percent and 7.1 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. At its peak, the said romantic comedy series’ first two episodes reached 9.2 percent.

Given the Shin Hye Sun starrer’s impressive debut, “30 But 17” also bested its competitor primetime evening series. The SBS drama emerged as the leader in the Monday rating race with the KBS drama “Are You Human Too” and the new MBC medical series “Risky Romance” landing the second and third spots, respectively.

“Are You Human Too” episodes that aired on July 23 posted nationwide ratings of 4.6 percent and 5.6 percent. Meanwhile, the premiere episodes of “Risky Romance” reached viewership shares of 4.1 percent and 3.5 percent.

At this time, it is still unclear if “30 But 17” will continue to post strong viewership shares. However, Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong’s new drama promises to show a continued mix of hilarious moments and heart-rending scenes as the two celebrities’ respective characters discover more about each other’s past and their potential future together. Viewers can also look forward to seeing several comical antics from some of the drama’s wacky characters such as the eccentric housekeeper Jennifer portrayed by Ye Ji Won.

“30 But 17” airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS. The drama replaced the “Wok of Love” which ended its two-month run on July 17.





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