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‘Are You Human Too’ Episodes 15-16 Recap

Nam Shin III’s journey to mimic his creator’s son continues in “Are You Human Too” episodes 15 and 16. However, the robot will soon find himself without a bodyguard given So Bong’s plans to leave him.

“Are You Human Too” episodes 15-16 showed just how much Nam Shin III has changed after being exposed to So Bong and her own brand of quirkiness. I’m starting to think that the said robot might be more intelligent than his creator wanted him to be. I also wonder whether a time will come when he’ll have to choose between his “mother” and So Bong – the only person who sees him for what he really is.

So let’s start with the highlights for the two “Are You Human Too” episodes.

Are You Human Too Episode 15

Nam Shin III is confused about the sudden change in his internal manual that identified So Bong as a top priority. Despite going through several deductions which included their constant skinship, his exposure to the said bodyguard’s violent side and being her robot slave, Nam Shin III was unable to pinpoint exactly why and what made his internal system add a special rule for So Bong.

So Bong, Ye Na and Nam Shin III agreed to a temporary truce in order to protect the human Nam Shin. However, Ye Na still tried to place So Bong in slightly troublesome situations with Nam Shin III retaliating by exhibiting excessive skinship with his disgusted fiancee.

Jong Gil’s tattoed henchman captured So Bong and Ye Na’s fight and reported his findings to his boss. He is convinced that there might be something going on between Ye Na, So Bong and Nam Shin.

Are You Human Too

So Bong confronted Nam Shin III about his odd behavior. However, the robot is at a loss as to why he reacted that way. Nam Shin III admitted that he doesn’t have full knowledge of his internal system’s processes.

Nam Shin’s grandfather Gun Ho met with his grandson to offer him the company. Questioning if his greed or another person made him change his behavior, the elderly CEO asked Nam Shin III whether his mother had a hand in his transformation. Happy with how his grandson denied the claims and even pointed out that he is not the Nam Shin from the past but the Nam Shim of the present, the chairman revealed his intention to begin the company’s succession process for his grandson.

Gun Ho reminded Nam Shin III to keep a watchful eye on Young Hoon lest he becomes like the opportunistic Jong Gil. After Nam Shin relayed his conversation with the elderly CEO to Young Hoon, the secretary approached Gun Ho and told the chairman to stop comparing him with the said businessman.

Jong Gil tried to win Young Hoon over to his side by recounting how the chairman convinced his younger self to become a loyal follower. Admitting how they had similar backgrounds, Jong Gil shared how he became the CEO’s trained dog who was willing to do everything to please his master.  Despite the said businessman’s attempt, his comments fell on deaf ears with Young Hoon walking away from their conversation.

Are You Human Too

Ye Na told on Nam Shin III and revealed to Laura, David and Young Hoon how the robot declared the bodyguard as his priority after he pushed his fiancee away. So Bong tried to defend Nam Shin III by revealing how Ye Na made him face a wall and even removed the robot’s battery. David became angry given Ye Na’s maltreatment of his robot “son,” while Young Hoon reminded her to always treat Nam Shin III like the human Nam Shin even when there’s nobody around.

Laura became worried that something might be wrong with Nam Shin III’s programming. Nam Shin’s mother even blamed So Bong for the change in the said robot’s behavior.  She also berated Nam Shin III for failing to follow her orders.

The human Nam Shin’s condition turned for the worst when his BP suddenly dropped. Fortunately, Young Hoon’s doctor friend was on hand to attend to the medical emergency and stabilize Laura’s comatose son.

Are You Human Too Episode 16

Feeling sorry Nam Shin III who is left alone in the chairman’s house, So Bong told the robot to rebel against his creator. She even advised him to tell his “mother” that he’ll stop pretending to be her human son if she doesn’t give him the same attention that she gives to the human Nam Shin. However, the robot happily declined to follow her advice.

Nam Shin III surprised So Bong with a slideshow that unveiled how the robot sees the said bodyguard. He even highlighted how So Bong is a good example of a man’s ideal woman. The light conversation soon turned serious when Nam Shin III replayed their argument after their first kiss. Questioning whether So Bong would have been angry with him too if he were a human, So Bong can only look at him silently for several seconds as she struggled to find an answer. She was saved from sharing her response when Nam Shin III changed the subject.

Are You Human Too

Jong Gil had his tattoed henchman fetch So Bong from the chairman’s house for a secret meeting. Despite Nam Shin III efforts to come with her so he could protect her if anything happens, So Bong still pushed through with the late evening meet-up. Bravely facing the said businessman at an abandoned building, So Bong received a new mission to spy on Nam Shin’s mother. She became wary when Jong Gil highlighted how she wasn’t able to provide him with useful information about Nam Shin and warned her not to fail this time. Despite Jong Gil’s warning, she courageously albeit foolishly told him not to call her out at night again since she might decide to switch sides in the future.

Having survived a late meeting with Jong Gil, So Bong met her reporter friend for an unplanned drinking session. After learning of Jong Gil’s growing suspicion, reporter Jo tried to convince So Bong to resign from her position as Nam Shin’s bodyguard and Jong Gil’s spy.

Nam Shin III went out looking for So Bong after his attempt to call her mobile phone failed due to the said unit’s low battery status. Shortly after arriving at So Bong’s dad’s gym to ask whether his bodyguard visited him, the said robot’s internal GPS finally located So Bong who was able to hook up her phone to a power source while drinking with reporter Jo.  Meanwhile, Nam Shin III ended up using his leg as So Bong’s dad pillow after the worried father passed out from having spent the remainder of the night drunkenly sharing his woes about his daughter.

Laura made a surprise appearance at Gun Ho’s office who was in a meeting with Jong Gil and Young Hoon. She even shocked Jong Gil when she announced that she decided to accept the chairman’s offer to work with Nam Shin at the company.

Despite feeling torn about leaving Nam Shin III, So Bong eventually decided to resign from her two roles. She went to the office looking for Young Hoon when she accidentally overheard the said secretary and Laura talking about using Nam Shin III’s kill switch to destroy the robot once the human Nam Shin wakes up.

So Bong took out her frustrations on Nam Shin III whom she discovered spent the night at her father’s gym. Telling him to stop with his foolish actions, she declared him free from his promise to follow her orders and serve her as her robot slave. She also reminded him to stop blindly following other people’s orders and begin formulating his own opinions and decisions. Reiterating how the robot Nam Shin III has a separate identity from the human Nam Shin, So Bong then revealed that she decided to resign as his bodyguard and proceeded to walk away from him.

Are You Human Too

Nam Shin III finally understood why his internal system added a new rule for So Bong. Looking at how his bodyguard defended him and cared for him in the past, he realized that she was the only person who truly accepted him for what he is. “Are You Human Too” episode 16 ended with the said robot running after So Bong and grabbing her hand to stop her from leaving.



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