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‘Are You Human Too’ Episodes 13-14 Recap

Now, this is going to be a long recap given the four episode broadcast of “Are You Human Too.”  So please bear with me as try to capture the salient points in each episode. I’ll also break this into two blog posts so that it won’t be too long a read.

So where to start? I guess by saying that a lot happened in “Are You Human Too” episodes 13 to 16. There were some story progressions that I did not expect including a few heartbreaking moments between beloved characters. What’s glaring is that Nam Shin III (Seo Kang Joon) finally discovered that So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) is more than his bodyguard and “cyborg” friend.

Are You Human Too Episode 13

After Nam Shin III revealed that his grandfather Gun Ho (Park Young Gyu) is lying about his dementia, the elderly CEO admitted that his sickness is a ruse for him to uncover who among his people will remain loyal to him. After telling Nam Shin III and So Bong to keep his true health condition a secret, he also ordered the same to Young Hoon (Lee Joon Hyuk) who just happened to be passing by the area where they were talking.

Jong Gil (Yu OH Seong) and daughter Ye Na (Park Hwan Hee) had a mini-confrontation where each tried to hide that fact that they know about Gun Ho’s dementia. When Jong Gil asked whether she has something to say to him, Ye Na returned the question back to him. However, Jong Gil commented on her dating life instead. Requesting her to date another guy,  Ye Na retorted that he should learn to be happy with what he has like an ordinary old man.

Nam Shin III tried to comfort a worried So Bong who is having a hard time dealing with the complicated situation of being Jong Gil’s spy, Young Hoon’s accomplice and Gun Ho’s secret keeper. Nam Shin III reminded her that she can relax around him which made the said bodyguard slightly uncomfortable.

Are You Human Too

Jong Gil’s tattoed henchman continued to closely survey Nam Shin III’s movements. He even gained access inside the chairman’s vast residential property and wonders how the Nam Shin that he is seeing now appeared to be in a healthy state despite his car accident.

Nam Shin III discovered a new “cyborg” friend in his young cousin Hee Dong (Seo Eun Yool) who has an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) near his heart. Hee Dong’s mom Ho Yeon (Kim Hye Eun) also found a new ally in Nam Shin III who helped her handle Jong Gil’s demands to bring proof that Gun Ho has dementia.

Jong Gil’s secret shareholders’ meeting to discuss Gun Ho’s removal as the company chairman went awry went Nam Shin III came uninvited to jeopardize his plans. A secret recording, taken secretly by Ho Yeon when she met Jong Gil and his cronies to hand over the medical certificate, was unveiled to discredit the said group’s credibility. Jong Gil even pretended to be surprised with his cronies move and heaped the blame to the person whose voice was prominent in the said recording.  Gun Ho also made a surprise appearance, as well as his doctor who announced that the medical certificate handed to Ho Yeon was for a different patient and not the chairman’s.

So Bong’s attempt to replace Nam Shin III’s nearly depleted wrist battery unit became a disaster given Ye Na’s jealous outburst. So Bong lost her hold on the fully charged unit when Ye Na pushed her away. What’s worse is that Ye Na eventually discovered that the Nam Shin she now knows is a robot after Nam Shin III shut down and Young Hoon was forced to unveil their big secret.

Are You Human Too

Are You Human Too Episode 14

Young Hoon, Nam Shin III and So Bong took a shocked Ye Na to see the comatose human Nam Shin. Ye Na agreed to become their accomplice for her own interests and to protect the man she loves. Discovering that the “living” Nam Shin is a robot, Ye Na became a spoiled brat who even demanded Nam Shin III to turn around and face the wall so that she won’t see his face.

Nam Shin’s mother Oh Laura (Kim Sung Ryung) told Ye Na about the man who was seen following her son before his accident. Despite revealing that said man was employed by Jong Gil, Ye Na refused to believe Laura and added that her father wouldn’t do such a thing.

Gun Ho told Jong Gil that he had Young Hoon edit out Jong Gil’s part in the recorded conversation. The elderly CEO admitted that he knows what Jong Gil tried to do and even kept a copy of the original recording as proof of his betrayal. After highlighting that he was only worried about the company’s future, Jong Gil promised to stop his plans and just support the chairman.

Are You Human Too

So Bong became sad after Nam Shin III mentioned that he unable to follow the first rule of hugging his mom in case she cries. After learning from So Bong how he should learn to gauge whether a person needs to be comforted before giving a hug, he began to understand that his creator would rather be embraced by her real son than a robot substitute.

Ye Na forced Nam Shin III to go ahead with their engagement by going behind his back to convince her father and Gun Ho. It was Ye Na’s way of protecting the human Nam Shin while going after her personal interests. Ye Na even called the press to officially announce their engagement.

To sustain the image of a loving couple, Ye Na and Nam Shin III would pretend to be sweet to one another when out in public. However, the two will revert to their usual selves with Ye Na openly showing her disgust for the robot.

Gun Ho revealed to Young Hoon his plans to keep Jong Gil beside him. Despite knowing about the said businessman’s ulterior motives, the elderly CEO decided to keep his enemy close to him so that he could watch Jong Gil’s actions. The chairman also warned Young Hoon not to turn into Jong Gil and betray Nam Shin in the end.

The sly Gun Ho surprised Laura with a secret meeting to convince her to join the company and support her son. After Laura declined his offer, he ordered Young Hoon to change the scientist’s mind.

Jong Gil questioned So Bong about her earlier statement of seeing a hospital patient who looked very much like Nam Shin. The said bodyguard can only make excuses for not remembering things clearly since it happened a while back.

Are You Human Too

Reporter Jo (Kim Hyun Sook) told So Bong’s father Jae Sik (Kim Won Hae) about Nam Shin’s engagement. The news prompted the enraged father to confront Nam Shin III and So Bong at the office. After So Bong clarified that their earlier kiss was just an accident and that they had no relationship whatsoever, she surreptitiously ordered Nam Shin III to drag her father away from the office building’s lobby to stop the latter’s attempt at making a scene.

Nam Shin III asked for forgiveness after dropping to his knees in front of So Bong’s father. After threatening to stop So Bong from continuing her bodyguard duties for Nam Shin III, the robot asked Jae Sik to reconsider and proceeded to list So Bong’s positive traits. Given how So Bong has protected him and his secrets, he promised to protect her as well.

So Bong began to see Nam Shin III in a new light after she overheard his conversation with her father. She also became Nam Shin III’s defender after seeing how Ye Na would maltreat the robot.

Ye Na disclosed her plans to throw Nam Shin III into the fire once the human Nam Shin regains his consciousness.

Are You Human Too

Ye Na and So Bong got into a heated argument after Ye Na angrily yanked Nam Shin III’s battery unit from his wrist. Ye Na even slapped So Bong for disrespecting her when the said bodyguard reinstalled the wrist unit and ordered Nam Shin III not to allow anyone to touch his battery. However, So Bong tried to fight back when Ye Na attempted to hit her again.

Nam Shin III added a special code to his internal system specifically for So Bong after he witnessed how Ye Na slapped his “cyborg” friend. He even pushed Ye Na back before helping So Bong to her feet. To So Bong and Ye Na’s surprise, Nam Shin III suddenly announced that protecting So Bong has become his top priority.

Are You Human Too

Soooo… those are just some of the big events that happened in “Are You Human Too” episodes 13 and 14. The recap for episodes 15 and 16 will be up soon!


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