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Viewership Rating Report: ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ still going strong

Another week passed by and its time to take a look at the viewership rating report for South Korean dramas.

Results are a still a bit skewed given the temporary cancellation of several K-dramas. For the week of June 25 until July 1, big networks such as KBS, MBC and SBS chose to telecast the 2018 FIFA World Cup games instead of airing some of its primetime evening dramas. Despite the preemption, the said broadcast period’s viewership rating report showed several productions still recording its personal best.

“Wok of Love,” “Lawless Lawyer,” “Life on Mars” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” achieved its highest rating to-date.  “Wok of Love” ended its June 26 broadcast with an average nationwide viewership rating of 9.3 percent. “Life on Mars” also recorded its personal best with nationwide ratings at 4.68 percent. “Lawless Lawyer” ended its 16-episode run with the drama’s record high rating of 8.93 percent.

The tvN romantic comedy series “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” also continued to delight viewers with its storyline and the amazing chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. The drama recorded average nationwide ratings of 8.12 percent – just several percentage points shy of the coveted 10 percent.

The recent episode of the tvN drama even wowed avid fans given its romantic ending. “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 8 featured the first successful kiss between lead characters Young Joon and Mi So. Portrayed by Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, respectively, the kiss was a highly-awaited scene given the male lead’s previous failed attempts.

In case viewership shares for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” reaches 10 percent, the lead stars of the tvN drama will host a special coffee treat event for office workers. Park Seo Joon promised to gift random office workers with a cup of coffee along with toasted bread to be prepared by Park Min Young. Even Lee Tae Hwan agreed to join in the activity and will assist in serving the lucky fans with the coffee treat.

Meanwhile, the rating performance of other evening K-drama series can be seen in the Viewership Rating Report below.

Viewership Rating Report


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