Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim

‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ episode 9 spoilers: Young Joon becomes love sick, Mi So worries over secret relationship

Love is definitely in the air with beloved characters finally moving past the flirting stage and into a more committed relationship. The upcoming “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 9 promises to show a different side of Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) as he celebrates a new status as Mi So’s (Park Min Young) official boyfriend.

After all the push and pull between Young Joon and Mi So, the two characters finally reached a common consensus that they do indeed like one another. Young Joon has been telling Mi So of his feelings as shown in previous “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episodes, but this time, Mi So revealed that she has feelings for him too. They even sealed their new relationship with a kiss – thanks in part to Mi So who initiated the lip lock after Young Joon had another trauma attack.

With the couple in cloud nine over their relationship, the two characters will have a difficult time hiding their new dating status from other people. The teaser clip for the upcoming “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 9 showed Mi So’s colleagues trying hard to guess what could have happened to their boss that made him act totally out of character. Given his narcissism, Young Joon’s subordinates became puzzled when their CEO started doing simple tasks for others such as preparing a tea and biscuit snack and happily bringing it into his office.

Young Joon will also try to sneak sweet moments with Mi So such as pulling her into his arms for a quick embrace. The teaser clip for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 9 featured a scene where the said CEO suddenly grabbed Mi So’s hand to pull her down into his lap. Young Joon might find the moment romantic but Mi So will feel uncomfortable over her new boyfriend’s display of public affection.

Worried that other people at the office might discover their new dating status, Young Joon and Mi So will attempt to enjoy a lunch date with reservations made under a different name. Mi So will even find herself warily looking at her officemates when she was asked to comment on their boss’ dating life.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear if Young Joon’s brother Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan) will continue to pursue Mi So once he learns of the said secretary’s new relationship. Sung Yeon and Young Joon have been at odds with each other since they were young and the former finding out about the latter’s relationship with Mi So will surely enrage the said novelist.

Moreover, there is still the mystery of the childhood incident that tied Mi So to both brothers. Having been looking for the boy that helped her out during a kidnapping event, Mi So will begin to understand that her treasured friend might be Young Joon and not Sung Yeon after all.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.


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