Kdrama Schedule Changes: ‘Are You Human Too,’ ‘Come and Hug Me’ & more

Several South Korean channels once again decided to preempt its regular Kdrama primetime schedule. The upcoming episodes of “Are You Human Too,” “Come and Hug Me,” “Partners for Justice” and “Wok of Love” will be released next week.

Avid Kdrama fans will need to wait until the week of June 25 to watch some of their favorite series. KBS, MBC and SBS recently announced that it will show a live broadcast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup games instead of the said broadcasting stations’ regular evening dramas.

For the Monday-Tuesday evening dramas, only “Are You Human Too” aired new episodes on June 18 (Monday).  However, the said Seo Kang Joon starrer will not be releasing its episodes 11 and 12 on June 19 (Tuesday). Meanwhile, MBC and SBS preempted its Monday and Tuesday episode releases for the said channels’ respective dramas namely “Partners for Justice” and “Wok of Love.”

For the Wednesday-Thursday evening dramas, avid fans of “Come and Hug Me” would have to wait until June 21 (Thursday) to watch episodes 17 and 18. The said temporary cancelation will serve as the second time that MBC decided to preempt the drama’s episode release. “Come and Hug Me” was also preempted last June 13 (Wednesday) due to the said channel’s 2018 FIFA World Cup telecast.

Unlike the Kdrama “Come and Hug Me,” the SBS romantic comedy series “The Undateables” will follow its regular Wednesday-Thursday primetime schedule. Avid viewers can look forward to seeing Hoon Nam’s (Namkoong Min) growing feelings for Jung Eum (Hwang Jung Eum). Despite agreeing to a bet that dared the said relationship guru to enter into a relationship with the former diver, Hoon Nam will realize that his feelings for Jung Eum have turned into something true. However, the appearance of a former love might complicate the couple’s relationship.

“The Undateables” episodes 15-16 will be released on June 20 (Wednesday), while “Come and Hug Me” episodes 19-20 will be aired on June 21 (Thursday). New episodes of the Kdrama “Are You Human Too,” as well as that of “Wok of Love” and “Partners for Justice” will be unveiled on June 25 (Monday).




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