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‘Are You Human Too’ Episode 11-12 Spoilers: So Bong falls for Nam Shin

Avid fans of “Are You Human Too” are in for a treat! The upcoming episodes of the KBS drama will showcase the start of a complicated relationship between So Bong  (Gong Seung Yeon) and Nam Shin III (Seo Kang Joon).

“Are You Human Too” episode 10 ended in a romantic cliffhanger with Nam Shin III pulling So Bong into his arms for an impromptu kiss. The shocking act was meant to derail his grandfather’s plans for him to marry Ye Na (Park Hwan Hee). After Ye Na called him and key members of his family for a surprise dinner, Nam Shin III also intended for the said kiss scene to signify his refusal to wed Jong Gil’s (Yu Oh Seong) daughter.

Surprised by Nam Shin III’s sudden move, So Bong had no time to evade the kiss. The romantic situation will also further complicate the two characters’ burgeoning friendship. Despite Nam Shin III appearing unaffected by his actions, the kiss will confuse So Bong’s feelings for her robotic boss.

Meanwhile, angry at the being caught in the middle of Nam Shin III’s plans to refuse Ye Na’s affections, So Bong will berate the said robot. However, the former mixed martial arts fighter will have a change of heart and will resume being friends with her boss under one condition. Asked to become her robot slave, Nam Shin III will happily stay beside So Bong to assist her in any way he can.

Nam Shin III’s attentiveness and caring attitude might even pave the way for So Bong to develop romantic feelings for the robot. The teaser clip for “Are You Human Too” episodes 11-12 showed the latter starting to feel uncomfortable with the former’s closeness.

Given So Bong’s discomfort, the robotic young man will try to question his bodyguard’s true feelings for him. Flustered with the situation, So Bong will warn Nam Shin III to keep his distance. However, the stressful discussion might also force the said bodyguard to display some of her feelings by giving her boss a surprise kiss.

“Are You Human Too” airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS. The drama’s upcoming episodes 11-12 will be released on June 25 (Monday ) instead of June 19 (Tuesday) to give way to the live broadcast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup game.


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