Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim

‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ posts impressive ratings

The third episode of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” proved to be another impressive chapter to the tvN series. Latest viewership numbers even showed a significant increase from previous episodes, with peak ratings nearly reaching nine percent.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” nabbed a bigger share of viewers across the South Korean nation with its latest episode posting average ratings of 6.95 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. Aired on June 13, the said ratings also represented a 1.55 percentage points increase from the drama’s previous episode rating of 5.40 percent.

At its peak, the latest episode of the Park Seo Joon drama also achieved an impressive viewership share of 8.1 percent. Moreover, the tvN production registered peak ratings of 7.4 percent and average ratings of 6.1 percent among the drama’s target 20-49 age demographic.

Similar to the increase in nationwide viewership shares, the drama also enjoyed a boost in ratings in the Seoul. “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 3 posted an average audience share of 8.25 percent in the said area, which is 2.72 percentage points higher than the previous episode.

Meanwhile, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 3 featured several sweet moments between the drama’s lead characters Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Mi So (Park Min Young). The said episode also provided viewers with a hint of Young Joon’s childhood including Mi So’s slowly blossoming romantic interest in the said narcissistic boss.

Viewers were also treated to seeing Young Joon’s jealous reactions and childlike antics at trying to stop Mi So from dating. A sports company event even became a stressful situation for the said CEO who witnessed his perfect secretary being charmed by another man.

A new rival might also appear with the introduction of Young Joon’s famous novelist brother Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan). However, it is still unclear whether Sung Yeon will take an aggressive approach in wooing Mi So or if he will just admire her secretly.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.




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