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‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Young Joon discovers love, meets potential rival

Learning how to love can be a difficult process especially for someone who has only been in love with oneself. The upcoming “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 4 will show how a narcissistic young man will discover that he is indeed capable of loving another person, but the journey might be a painful one.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 3 ended with a heart-stopping scene that featured a romantic moment between Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Mi So (Park Min Young).  With the latter shocked to find herself accidentally splayed on top of her handsome yet narcissistic boss, the accidental fall became a highly-charged incident given the growing bond between the two characters.

Young Joon and Mi So’s relationship is slowly becoming muddled with the latter getting more confused about the former’s actions.  Several scenes in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 3 showed the said secretary starting to unconsciously look at her boss as a man, rather than her employer.

In Young Joon’s case, the brilliant yet self-centered CEO might still be denial about his feelings for his secretary. However, he will start to realize that Mi So is more than just a perfect assistant for him. The teaser clip for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 4 showed Young Joon beginning to feel something romantic for Mi So.

The usual way that Mi So will fix Young Joon’s necktie will serve as a catalyst for him to literally feel his heart beating for another person. Apart from feeling confusion over the “pain” that the said sensation will bring, Young Joon will also find the situation strange and will even wonder if there is something wrong with his heart.

Mi So will also help Young Joon to become more aware of his own feelings. A library “date” between the two characters will lead to the said CEO’s realization that simple gestures done at the right moment will increase a person’s feelings for someone.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Young Joon’s brother Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan) will introduce a different dynamic in the said CEO complicated relationship with his secretary. With Sung Yeon set to randomly encounter Mi So while exploring Seoul, the two characters’ interactions might pave the way for the former to begin liking the latter.

Young Joon will even try to warn Sung Yeon to keep his distance from Mi So. A tense discussion between the two brothers will even push Sung Yeon to ask whether Young Joon was afraid that he might end up falling in love with her.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” episode 4 will air on June 14 at tvN.




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