Are You Human Too

Seo Kang Joon drama ‘Are You Human Too’ enjoys boost in ratings

Of all the South Korean dramas currently airing in the Monday-Tuesday primetime slit, my favorite would be “Are You Human Too.”  I’m also proud to say that the Seo Kang Joon drama recently achieved an impressive feat with viewership ratings nearly reaching 10 percent.

“Are You Human Too” received a boost in nationwide viewership shares with the drama’s recent two-parter episodes both trailing above the said production’s previous five and six percent marks. Aired on June 12, episode 7 posted ratings of 7.7 percent while episode 8 received viewership shares of 9.9 percent, according to Nielsen Korea.

At this time, it is still too early to tell whether the Seo Kang Joon drama nabbed the top spot in the weekly rating race among Monday-Tuesday primetime dramas. Unlike KBS that released new “Are You Human Too” episodes on June 12, the networks behind “Partners for Justice” and “Wok of Love” temporarily canceled airing new episodes to give way to the North Korea-US summit telecast.

However, if we were to compare nationwide viewership shares for June 11, “Partners for Justice” still retained its top spot with ratings of 6.9 percent and 7.7 percent. “Wok of Love” still managed to hold on to its second-place ranking with 5.4 percent and 6.4 percent. “Are You Human Too” came in at third place with 5.4 percent and 6.3 percent.

It will also be interesting to see whether “Are You Human Too” will surpass “Wok of Love” next week. Looking at June 11 numbers, the latter only had a 0.1 percentage point lead against the former. I’m hoping that Seo Kang Joon’s drama will gain more viewerships by then.

The upcoming episodes of “Are You Human Too” also promises to be exciting following the revelation of Nam Shin III’s (Seo Kang Joon) secret. Given that So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) finally learned the truth, it will be interesting to see whether she’ll feel a shift in loyalties or if she’ll just blindly follow whoever offers the biggest pay.

“Are You Human Too,” “Partners for Justice” and “Wok of Love” air every Monday and Tuesday on KBS, MBC and SBS, respectively.




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