‘Fight For My Way’ episode 12 spoilers: Ae Ra gains new admirer?

Fight For My Way

The mysterious son of the Nam Il Villa apartment complex where Ae Ra, Dong Man and their friends live might introduce a potential relationship conflict between the drama’s new couple in the upcoming “Fight For My Way” episode 12.

It appears that Dong Man might have some competition given the appearance of Nam Il. The said character might appear aloof but it seems that Ae Ra’s weird yet cute behavior might have captured his attention. The teaser clip for “Fight For My Way” episode 12 showed the two characters meeting on the steps of the apartment complex with Ae Ra turning away from him after a short discussion. He will start to find Dong Man’s girlfriend interesting despite comparing her to an alien-like being.

Nam Il’s increased curiosity will raise Bok Hee’s suspicions that he might try to woo the aspiring announcer. The said apartment complex owner will even tell Nam Il to stay away from Ae Ra although it is still unclear if he will heed her warning.

Meanwhile, Dong Man will continue his mixed martial arts training but his former Taekwondo rival and current MMA star Tak Su will challenge him to an official fight. Ae Ra will try to convince Dong Man not to accept the challenge, however, he will remain confident that he can defeat Tak Su.

“Fight For My Way” episode 12 will air on June 27, Tuesday, on KBS.



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